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What makes us different

Winning the trust and respect of engineers and .NET developers is not easy. It takes great products, consistency, and it requires exceptional customer care. Building stable, high-performance, stunning .NET technical applications is not a daunting task any more. Our family of products, powered by Anaxsoft™ FEEA SDK, have been created for ISVs and professionals who need easy and affordable access to the power, and reliability of a flexible finite element analysis system. You will experience this every day as an Anaxsoft customer. And we are always out there to help make your projects a success.


Anaxsoft FEEA™ SDK  is the leading suite for finite element analysis with the Microsoft .NET framework. FEEA SDK comes with an optimized, lightweight API, with small footprint, that introduces several features that revolutionize the way engineering software is created.

Verification & Transparency

The theory and formulations used in our code follow closely to well-established practices and references, and, unlike other vendors, we demonstrate publicly, through our web site, the excellent results obtained on standard industry tests. We have also established special in-house testing and verification procedures in order to achieve the highest possible quality for our software.

Up-to-date Technology

The development of our products is based on the latest versions of Visual Studio (now VS 2017). The supported .NET Framework versions are: 2.0, 3.x, and of course version 4.x. When a .NET Framework or Visual Studio update comes from Microsoft, we will be the first to support it. The same holds true for a new technology: as long as this technology complies with our standards for fast run-time performance, we will adapt our product lines and be ready for your future needs.


You have a great idea and you think it's hard to get to market fast? Anaxsoft makes integration of finite element analysis, into any project, a seamless process. Our software is specifically designed to help you meet the increased demands for quality and functionality, by reducing development costs, and get to market faster. So, forget about the analysis. Focus on your great idea and deliver your product in time.

Stability & Performance

We have a goal in mind – to make robust products that work in the most efficient way. This involves extensive testing during the development process in order to create numerically stable and optimized algorithms, and achieve a high level of accuracy for the results produced by our software.

Custom Features

You need a feature, which is specific to your industry or we have not implemented? Tell us what you need - we are listening. We can customise the product to fit your needs. Besides, with Anaxsoft you will get transparency about our roadmap, and you will benefit from a team that genuinely cares about your success.

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