Computational Mechanics is the base on which most of the achievements of engineering and physics are built. Methods of approximations, such as finite elements, have achieved a dominant position, and are a de facto standard today. Welcome to Anaxsoft, the developer of FEEA SDK™, the comprehensive development suite for finite element analysis on the .NET Framework. Explore the benefits offered to you, or your organization, use our cost-effective solutions, and realize that finite element analysis does not have to be expensive.

How far will you go?

Explore your potential on a productive platform and build cost-effective technical applications by using FEEA SDK™, our full-featured finite element analysis SDK. Our powerful engine is designed for organizations that need to solve complex finite element systems, from their .NET applications. Maybe now is the time to turn your ideas into successful projects!

Simple and accurate!

Need a cost-effective tool that calculates the properties of arbitrary shaped/thin-walled cross-sections? We have the solution! Powered by our powerful engine, SectionExpert™ calculates: torsional constant, warping constant, moments of inertia (user/principal/CG axes), shear area, shear center, shear coefficients, and many more properties...

Quick and easy FEA!

Designed with students in mind, FEApad™ offers a simple yet powerful way to perform finite element analysis of structural systems. You get the power of our engine at an extremely low price! Those who work with symbolic interpreters, will appreciate the easy-to-use environment combined with the performance of compiled code. And without any restriction!